Tuesday, December 13, 2005

If you all didnt know, i am a BIG design fan. All things design, funiture, clothes, architecture, cars, etc. And also a gadget freak. On the car tip, I have a deep lust for luxury cars ( I know, who doesnt ). Now I have never really been a big fan of Lexus's designs, with the exception of the IS. But over the past couple years, I got tired of it and moved on to the new body A4 ( Audi) and the G35 ( Infiniti). Well i'm looking through an issue of Automobile magazine and I see the concpet for the new IS. Beautiful. So I had to check it out at the car show this past weekend. The interior is goergeous. It's got nicley swept lines on the outside, a nice in dash nav with touchscreen on the inside, paddle shifters, and the clutchless automatic steptronic gear shifter. A very race inspired vehicle. And the 350 model had 306 horses! Anyway, i'm really feeling this car right now. It looks like lexus is finally taking all those dope concepts they have and are putting them into production.

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