Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Block Party!!


You guys need to check this out. I was at Questo's myspace and read his latest blog post. Let me tell ya'll I can hardly contain myself right now. The trailor is up for Dave Chappelle's Block Party and you need to check it if you havent already. My jaw dropped and I honestly almost screamed like people do when they see MJ in the limo before one of his concerts.And this is just the trailor!! The reason I'm so excited is because the artists he has are all literally my hip hop heroes. Mos, Common, Kanye,Kweli, the Fugees,the Roots,Jill Scott, Dead Prez, Badu,!! These are all the artists that made me want to go from being a fan to participant.I drop hard earned dough to check out anything these cats are puttin out without blinking twice because I know it's quality material. Others may differ with me, but thats just how I feel. Pay attention to the kids he's playing pool with and watch their reaction when he drops that money on the table. Thats how I felt watching it. I am not even sure if it's going straight to dvd or actually going to be in the theaters. I've heard both. I was googling it and started reading reviews and reactions from people that were actually there, and I had to stop myself. I didnt want to spoil the surprise! Apparently there's a couple guest artists either performing, or just making appearences, but I had to close the page because it was like opening a Christmas present early. An advance warning to any friends that are going to catch it with me: I will be wildin out. Whether at home or at the theater, i'm going to be acting like those folks you see on public access in the black Churches that are really feeling the spirit. Yall know what I'm talking about. Anyway dont forget to bring your thongs....


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