Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Creative Class

I found this article in the summer issue of Nylon Mens mag. It highlights some of the young people making headway in various industries (many of them multiple industries at once) without having to work a traditional 9-5. Pretty cool and inspirational for those of you hoping or attempting to one day live off of your creativity. Which leads me to this article in the summer issue of Complex, also out now. They've got a special on ''How to Blow Up''. Essentially they interviewed leaders and tastemakers in various fields under the street culture radar and asked their best advice on how to get big in their respective industries. Short answers, but you can learn a little none the less.

Unfortunately, the Nylon article isn’t online, so you’ll have to check out the mag itself, but Complex has a bit part of it up.
Either way it's worth your cash for both mags, so go pick em up!

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