Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Green Super Car(s)

I saw this a couple days ago. I must say I was impressed purely on design if nothing else. It's Jay Leno's
Bio-Diesel super sports car. It's got 650 horses and a turbine engine that should be in a helicopter. Just try revving your engine next to this guy at the stop light! Jay says he desinged it to show that clean cars can be fun to drive too (ahem...prius). While bio-deisel is not the greenest energy source (it still burns emissions), the big hype behind it is that it's a renewable energy source. The design inspirations came from jet aircrafts, formula 1 racers, and GM Project cars (which are IMHO the only good designs GM ever releases.) You can definately see the Cadillac inspirations behind it (ahem....sixteen). He thought up the idea with his mechanic, and the GM head of GLOBAL design. Yeah.. not regional, or national, GLOBAL. This man's got that much pull when it comes to autos. Anyway, it's a dope whip but dont slap the poster up on your wall and start penny pinchin anytime soon, this baby's a one off. The only one thats ever going to be built; and it's made just for Jay...

But if your still fiending for a sports car that'll truly let you burn rubber and not the ozone layer,
put those pennies towards this. The Tesla Roadster is the world's first super car that's completley electric. The company was started by two Silicon Valley entrepenuers who put up a bid for the idea and the Lotus designers won. So technically it's a tricked out Lotus, but the ladies'll never know! It gets 0-60 in 4 seconds, 135 miles per gallon (equivilent to a gas powered), or 250 miles per charge. It's only got 2 gears, but you dont need to even switch gears to drive. You can stay in 2nd from the jump. It also only takes 3.5 hours to reach a full charge (that alone would be incentive to take it out and just go all day).And if that isnt fun enough it's got an Ipod jack!! If you want one sign up now playa cause the first models have already been reserved, and I got a feeling the waiting list for the 2008 ones will be longer than the one for the Prius.
btw. I couldnt get Blogger to upload the darn pic so I'll try to post it later

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