Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kanye's Pastelle Canceled Indefinately

The past two days have brought both alot of hope and alot of sorrow to fans of Kanye West (or at least fans of his much hyped upcoming clothing line Pastelle). The interwebs (/nerdspeak) have been buzzing over the recent news out Monday that photos from his lookbook (pictured above) have leaked online, and the subsequent news on Tues that the line has been canceled. One of our Favorite streetwear blogs, HighSnobiety had the scoop on Tues and reported that they recieved official word that the line "will not be coming out.Ever..".

This is a little shocking to hear especially the day after photos where leaked, and after a long year of Kanye seemingly becoming all consumed in his new craft, even postpoing his entire schedule for 5 months! Including his now defunct tour with Lady Gaga. Word is he only produced 4 pieces the entire time, so my guess is that being the perfectionist we all know Kanye to be, he likely got so pised about the leak that he decided to scrap the entire line and just refocus his energy on something new. He is apparently going to come up with a new, self titled line though. So what do you guys think, Pastelle was more collegaite inspired, and perhaps the "K.West Collection" will be a little more urban chic, ala' Ecko/Cut'n'Sew ?

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