Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The NBA Comes To The Atx

Last night the greatest game on earth (in my opinion that is) came to the Frank Erwin Center for one night only. The San Antonio Spurs took on the Oklahoma City Thunder in one of the last pre-season games before the regular season kicks off on Tuesday, October 27th. Former UT hoops star Kevin Durant took the court to a thunderous applause and a standing ovation. So, as expected Durant killed it straight out the gate! Dude ran off about 10 straight points as the Thunder took an early lead. Now, if you know anything about basketball you know the Thunder suck so that lead slowly dwindled throughout the first half. It was an entertaining game but in the end the slow and steady Spurs whooped that azz 119-102. Wouldn't it be great if Austin had a pro basketball team? No diss to the developmental league Toro's but with Austin growing at an incredible pace are we next in line for an expansion team? Who knows? If my dream comes true, trust me when I tell you I will be first in line for season tickets.

Darren G.

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