Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Its been a little bit since we've posted. Today's post is just random web sightings that inspire "creativity". And with the weather in Austin cold and wet its a great reason to stay inside and channel that energy into something dope/progressive/new. Rise and Grind!!!
I stumbled across this in a banner ad. Im loving the site design. Its simple, clean and to the point."Behance Outfitters" makes products to help creative proffesionals organize themselves and boost productivity by "making ideas happen". This Action book is exactly what i need when my mind is running a million miles a minute (all the time) and i have a chance to stop and clearly write something down (none of the time). I want it.
Their sister site is
The 99 Percent. Here they focus on what happens after the initial conception of an idea. "Making ideas Happen". A really good site to spend some time on (and take notes!) & learn a little from leaders in the creative and business industries. I think its going to be at the top of my "blogs i visit daily" list. (...yes i know its not a blog)

This one is a cool site with daily updated fashion photoshoots/editorials and part of a suite of
"--served" sites (ie fashion,photography, industrialdesign) with the tagline "Fresh works from leading creative professionals" looks like a good spot to get some fresh inspiration.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kirin in Cozumel

So, vacation # 2 came late this year but was without a doubt worth the wait. I recently spent 6 days in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico and it was dope!!! As you may very well know vacation at the beach is about partying, water sports, and drinking. I definitely did all those things to the max (like you wouldn't believe), however, I also had time to relax and rejuvenate my creative spirit.

Although Mexico is not known for its fashion scene, the beauty that exist around every corner can inspire the uninspired quite easily. With a new lookbook and photoshoot on the horizon, Kirin is moving full steam ahead with new ideas, creative concepts, and tees/accessories that will definitely be the talk of the town! Stay tuned, no telling where we will be next...

D Griff