Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion for Sport

Fashion and Sports are two of my favorite things to spend my time and money on. I am a fiend for clothes and kicks and some of those kicks get their share of run on the bball court. Yes, I play ball in my Jordans! Get over it! Nonetheless, a really dope store recently opened in Portland, Oregon called Li-Ning. This is a Chinese Sports Brand that is very big overseas but now looking to make its claim here in the states. Li-Ning initially came to Portland in 2007 as a footwear innovation center but their buzz and big time sponsorship has them on the fast track to global exposure.
The store will carry a variety of Li-Ning sportswear and footwear. Also, they have recently campaigned with NBA Star Baron Davis who will have a few signature pieces in this seasons line. Davis has been in heavy rotation on many sneaker & sports blogs promoting the line and his custom pieces. He was also the guest of honor at the at the store opening on February 15, 2010, which just happened to be a day after both the Chinese New Year and the NBA All Star Game.
Some say that Portland and Austin are identical when it comes to the culture of the two cities. Portland's sneaker scene seems to be well documented and Austin is beginning to be more respected as well. Does this mean I can go to Portland and not miss a beat? I sure hope so because next time I'm northwest I plan to pay them a visit... And catch a Blazers game while I'm at it.
D. Griff