Friday, March 5, 2010

Common at Southwestern U

My mane man Common recently did a small show in Georgetown, Texas on the campus of Southwestern University. I have so much more respect for him (not that I didn't already have plenty) for doing this show. One of the biggest hip hop artist in the industry and now-a-days a well known actor doing a gig in a small town at an even smaller university in the gymnasium of all places. Pretty cool right? Yeah, we all thought so too.
Lonnie "Common" Lynn wasted no time getting down to business. He started out his 45 minute set with the title track to his most popular album to date "Be". He continued to get the crowd hype with "Sex for Suga", "What a World", and one of my personal favs "Get em High". Now, we all know Common is a ladies man so of course he did some joints for the pyt's in attendance. He serenaded one special young lady to the tune of "I Want You" and took us all back with his first breakout single "The Light". And before you ask, yes, he did pay tribute to Dilla for that track and the countless others that Detroit's finest crafted to perfection.
I've seen Common in concert several times and I must say he never disappoints. As I'm sure most of you are as well, I am eagerly anticipating his new album due out later his year entitled "The Believer". Surely that will bring him to the road again where he always seems to stop in Austin. The production on this new record will be done solely by long time collaborator No ID and Yezzy himself. Oh and just so you know, we managed to slip Common his very first Kirin Tee. I'm sure he will rock it well I just hope he rocks it period! If he does, please believe this won't be the last you hear of it!
D. Griff

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