Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Formula 1 in Austin

Austin is known for many things. Its been deemed (arguably mind you) "the live music capitol of the world", the "greenest city in America", one of the "top three greenest cities in the US", and "least stressful large metro city". We have not however been known for being "the best place to race your ri-don-culously expensive ass $3,431,000 car". So you may be surprused to hear that Austin, TX has been picked to become the future home of Formula 1 racing (or F1) for the years 2012-2021.
Amongst the reasons cited for picking Austin are it's ideal geographic location, its beauty, transportation infrastructure (do they have the right Austin??) , and our growing popularity as one of the countries "it" cities. Everyone from the governor, to the mayor, andthe state comptroller (the one who actually signed the contract) seems to agree taht this is a good thing for Austin.
While never really being into Nascar, I always found Formula 1 to be a little more intriguing. If anything because of the exotic locales they use, the millionaire-sorry-billionaire playboys and companies participating, and the racetrack is so much more intense. If you plan on sitting in the crowd, better start boning up on those Top Gear eps so you can at least pretend to know what you're talking about if you happen to bump into Sir Richard Branson.


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