Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fan(s) drop 27K to make Batman film

There are fans, and there are FANS. The ones that own memorabilia, get tatts and sleep in their mom's basement are one thing. But then there are the one's that really want to be Batman. Going as far as buying/making costumes & dropping $27,000 on making their own fanmade film.Batman:City Of Scars is a fan made flick shot in less than a month and on a budget of $27k (!?).My guess is most of the money went to costumes, and renting props/locations like the Ferrari and the Carnival fairgrounds.No one can say the Schoenke bros dont put their all into their craft.!
Now I love fan made films if they are done right and dont leave me with that "corny/cheesy" feeling. Like "The Hunt for Gollum" or the "Batman:Dead End." So i had to give this one a shot. Honestly, i dont think its too bad. Could've used a few better actors and i personally find it hard to take any Batman in tights seriously, call it "Adam West" syndrome if you will-but that's just me.I do
think this one is worth watching at least once if your a Batman fan or just curious. Check it out above.

via Geekosystem

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