Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Links

photo copyright Tonya Markiewicz

Been pretty busy lately but here's some of the stuff we've been reading up on:

StyleSampleMag gives you tips on opening up a clothing shop or boutique. Amongst the tips:
"have a clear vision"...via Twitter

There's an anti-rape, female condom with teeth. Eerily reminiscent of the campy/horror/black comedy movie aptly titled "Teeth". Actually I think its a genius idea and I'm surprised it hasnt been created sooner...via NYDailynews

Chimps wage wars over land just like humans do. They band together, and kill and move into each others territory...guess they really are our 2nd cousins! via Time.com

MSN.com did a pretty good editorial on street art. Speaking on many of the crowd faves including Banksy, Shepard Fairey & Invader... via MSN.com

Thats a pretty diverse group of articles right? Go learn something!


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