Monday, August 23, 2010

The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity

I was so excited when I read this news there was no other option but to blog. The Foreign Exchange is on the eve of releasing their third studio album! The title of the new record is "Authenticity" and it will hit stores everywhere on 10/12. The title is suitable for a duo that has yet to be correctly categorized in a musical genre. They were unjustly, but fortunately placed in the R&B category in 2008 when nominated for a Grammy for Best Album. While I'm sure the group didn't mind, Phonte (who I like to call the poor man's Drake) and partner Nicolay make music that even they can't label. Nonetheless, "Authenticity" is about recognizing their unique trademark sound.

The album spans 11 tracks and features the likes of longtime collaborators Darien Brokington, YarZarah, and newschoolers such as Jeese Boykins III and Chantae Chan. If you are not familiar with The Foreign Exchange do yourself a favor and pick up their debut album "Connected" and the sophomore standout "Leave It All Behind". The new record is sure to be great and will likely feature a dope rap verse or two from Phontigga!!! Check out Nah Right for the new albums full tracklisting.

-D. Griff

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