Thursday, September 30, 2010

Supreme Nike SB 94

There has been a lot of talk about the collabo shoe between Supreme and Nike. Sneakerheads have been waiting for this shoe for a while and the opinions range from dope to terrible. The Supreme Nike SB 94 is named after the brands founding year. If your wondering, the shoe will be released in early November in 4 colorways.

At first glance, I'm not crazy about this shoe. Its classic but at the same time a bit dull. That opinion may change when I see them in person. What do you guys think?

-D. Griff

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nike x Rick Ross Boom Commercial

Its pretty obvious Rick Ross is at the height of his popularity. That fact was made resoundingly clear when Nike came knocking for the Teflon Don to be a part of their new "Boom" commercial campaign. Pretty dope commercial. Do you think he did a good job? Check it out after the jump.

-D. Griff

Mos Def Signs With GOOD Music

As you know Kanye's Good Music Label boast a pretty formidable lineup in hip hop/R&B. Common, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Consequence, Big Sean, GLC, Mr. Hudson, Really Doe, and Fonzworth Bentley. Newcomers Pusha T and CyHi Da Prince were power moves for Ye but pail in comparison to the newest signee, the incomparable Mos Def!!! The news broke in the latest issue of XXL Magazine which featured the music label fathered by West. Details of the signing are very limited so we don't know much at this point in time. Regardless of that fact this is still very exciting news! Stay tuned for more details...

-D. Griff

Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Jam: J*DaVeY - Slooow

We are going to slow it down on this edition of the Weekend Jam. No really, the songs called "Slooow". The record is from J*DaVeY's 2009 EP The Beauty In Distortion/The Land Of The Lost. This joint has always been hot and Miss Jack Davey is too in the video clip. Enjoy!

-D. Griff

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Street Etiquette - The Black Ivy

Unfortunately I never got a chance to attend a HBC. Clark Atlanta University was my first choice but with out of state fees and no scholarship it just didn't work out. Maybe that's why this movement by the Street Etiquette gents resonates so deeply with me, that and the fact its dope as hell! Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are Street Etiquette, a style blog and fashion guide that's making waves throughout the industry.

Their latest project "The Black Ivy" gives us an inside look at the style, culture, and tradition of the first black college students. Paying homage to such a special time in African American history with dignity and intelligence makes me proud. As the saying goes... Young, Gifted, & Black.

-D. Griff

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Album Review: Bilal - Airtight's Revenge

Its an amazing thing to watch an artist grow before your very eyes. The truly talented ones get better as they go and that can definitely be said for neo-soul crooner Bilal. Since his debut album "1st Born Second" in 2001, Bilal has been somewhat of a staple in the music industry when it comes to album features and background vocals. Singing for the likes of Jay-Z, Common, Kanye West, and one of my hometown favorites Solange, Bilal's sophomore album has been eagerly anticipated by fans and artist alike. Nearly ten years removed from his debut album Bilal gives us "Airtight's Revenge" an incredible piece of artistry.

Bilal choose to go the indie route this time around and for an artist like him its the best way to go. This allowed the Philadelphia native to experiment in ways most artist can't. Producing nearly all 11 tracks on the album, Bilal was able to maintain the artistic integrity that made him the artist we fell in love with years ago. That in itself gave listeners exactly what they wanted from this album, Bilal's own thoughts, ideas, and concepts.

Love, relationships, politics, religion, and family are just a few of the places Bilal's mind takes us on his new album. "Airtight's Revenge" is a soulful record with traces of funk, jazz, and rock all mingled together to create the perfect blend. The album starts off with "Cake & Eat It Too" which is a retro funk tune that readies your ear for the album. "All Matter" is an uptempo track where Bilal shows the full range of his vocal arsenal while trying to explain what exactly love is. Another standout track and likely an emotional one for Bilal is "Little One" a song dedicated to his two sons that suffer from Sickle Cell and Autism. My current favorite is "Levels" a jazzy rhythmic tale that's dark and passionate. The album seems extremely personal for Bilal which makes it all the more intriguing. Every song takes my mind to a different place and when music does that its something special.

This record is like no other R&B album I have heard in the past. Needless to say Bilal wasn't afraid to let his creative spirit take the wheel and drive this album down a different path. Hopefully he won't make us wait another ten years for a follow-up.


-D. Griff

Monday, September 20, 2010

Downstairs 8 yr Anniversary

Last Sun (9/12/10) one of our favorite boutiques (and stockists! )
Downstairs Apparel had their 8 year anniversary party. Although owner Jeff Strange and crew have only been in their current location for a couple years, they where celebrating from the start of their original location, ironically titled "Upstairs Apparel" which was located down the street from where they currently are on S.Lamar adn Oltorf. They had plenty of free drinks, great music from DJ Leilani, and even a bunch of giveaways including hats and accessories. Great times where had by all. Check out our shots after the break.
-Steven D.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Biking: BMX Test Run

Back in the day the first thing I did when I got home from school was hop on my bike. Granted it was only a Huffy, I still manged to pull off some pretty mean stunts. Needless to say I wasn't anywhere close to the skill level of Evolution BMX Team rider Voranc Kumar. Check out some pretty dope test footage from the pro rider all shoot in 720p 60fps with 7D slow motion. Canon EOS 7D never looked so good!

-D. Griff

via: Highsnobiety

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cudi Covers Complex

Just about everyone I know has a different opinion of Kid Cudi. Some love him, some hate him, and others (much like myself) find it hard to formulate an opinion on the artist. On the eve of his sophomore album "Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager" Cudi sits down with Complex Magazine to discuss his drug use, beef with Wale, having a daughter, and of course his new album. I must say, even though I was not a fan of the first record I am eager to hear the second. Check out the interview here to get your fill of everything Mr. Rager.

-D. Griff

via: Complex

Weekend Jam - Redman "Pick It Up"

Just so you know, someone stole this cd from me like ten years ago and I am still upset about it to this day! Reggie Noble aka Redman dropped the classic album "Muddy Waters" in 1996 and its still a banger to this day. One of my favorite tracks from this record is "Pick it Up". Its just a fun record and Redman's comedic nature makes it all the more enjoyable in the video clip. Dude is funny as hell!

-D. Griff

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Jam - Pete Rock "True Master"

So I was having a debate with a few friends about the best hip hop albums of 1998. Outkast, Black Star, and Gang Starr topped the list but one diamond in the ruff was left out. Pete Rock dropped a classic album that year entitled "Soul Survivor" and it was highly underrated. Listen and enjoy the first single from the record featuring Inspectah Deck and Kurupt "True Master".

-D. Griff

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest

Being a huge fan of old school hip hop, certain records give me a feeling I just cant explain. Bedford Stuyvesant's own "The Stuyvesants" have put together a musical masterpiece and I'm happy to say that feeling is back! In a collaborative effort, music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm) and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt) have created some incredible instrumentals and hip hop heads are beginning to take notice.

This music takes me back to Pete Rock and early Kanye West days. Dope basslines, great sounds, unique soul samples, and a refreshing concept. The 25 track album pays homage to the 70's and all I can say is, WOW! Make sure you check out The Stuyvesants "Brooklyn's Finest" right away. Don't be surprised if these guys are the next big thing.

Listen & download here.

-D. Griff

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flight Club NYC

If you love kicks the way we do at Kirin, Flight Club NYC is like heaven on earth. Housing over 1,300 pair of dope kicks and roughly 650 hats, FC is by far one of the greatest sneaker sanctuaries in the world. With almost all other locations in the US closed, FC NYC opened their doors on 8/30 and it's a must see if you are a sneakerhead. Its the type of place dreams are made of.

Flight Club Broadway
812 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

-D. Griff

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Jam: Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3

It was a struggle not to feature Yeezy's "Good Friday" record as the weekend jam so, I kept it in the family with Good Music artist Big Sean. The Detroit native recently released a dope mixtape entitled Finally Famous Vol 3. The mixtape features production by Kanye, No ID, and the host Don Cannon blessed a track as well. Drake, Bun B, Asher Roth, Curren$y, and Ye all spit notable verses but Big Sean clearly stands out. If you don't believe me, peep this standout track "What You Doin". Just might change your mind.

Get the album here.

-D. Griff