Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Stuyvesants - Brooklyn's Finest

Being a huge fan of old school hip hop, certain records give me a feeling I just cant explain. Bedford Stuyvesant's own "The Stuyvesants" have put together a musical masterpiece and I'm happy to say that feeling is back! In a collaborative effort, music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm) and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt) have created some incredible instrumentals and hip hop heads are beginning to take notice.

This music takes me back to Pete Rock and early Kanye West days. Dope basslines, great sounds, unique soul samples, and a refreshing concept. The 25 track album pays homage to the 70's and all I can say is, WOW! Make sure you check out The Stuyvesants "Brooklyn's Finest" right away. Don't be surprised if these guys are the next big thing.

Listen & download here.

-D. Griff

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