Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch Watches

By now you've probably seen the new iPod Nano. The Nano has an interesting history of design, and while i personally have not had much need or desire for the previous iterations, I expected the same out of the new (6th Gen) model. I simply had no need for one before, but with the advent of a multi-touch screen, a pedometer and Nike + sport kit and the rash of Nano Watch cases; I've seriously put it on my "must have" list. You guys know the tech geek /futurist I am and having a touch screen watch that has a million and one (possible) functions has been on my wish list since i can remember. There have been many attempts at cashing in on this Nano- watch idea but Scott Wilson with MINIMAL design studio has made perhaps the cleanest, most well designed case yet. And to test how desirable his vision is he submitted an application to A MicroLending/Funding site for creative projects. Wilson's concept has quickly sky rocketed to become the largest funded project on Kickstarter yet, currently at $600k and counting. Asking for a mere $15k to start his project, over 9,500 people have bought into Wilson's idea as well as secured themselves a watch (band) or two when the project launches. Everything about this inspires the hell out of me. The design is clean, the idea is so simple it makes you want to kick yourself for not thinking of it, and the idea behind KickStarter is GREAT.Now we wait for the execution and the 2nd line...
To read the entire Kickstarter page go here.

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