Thursday, December 30, 2010

BAPE Store Beijing - Grand Opening

Beijing, China is now the newest location to house a flagship BAPE store. The latest retail center of the A Bathing Ape brand features a full line of products for men, women, kids, and the new URSUS line. Nigo and his empire continue to expand and we can only imagine whats in store for the new year.

-D. Griff

Video: Kanye West Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, & Bon Iver - Monster

"Cause you'll never got on top of this/So mami best advice is just to get on top of this" (c) Kanye West

-D. Griff

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Air Jordan 3 Retro - White/Cement

Just a week ago we saw the much hyped release of the Air Jordan XI "Cool Greys". Now the Jordan Brand is at it again with another stellar release. The Air Jordan 3 is quite possibly one of my favorite shoes. Its symbolic of everything I love about shoes and basketball all rolled into one. They remind me of my youth and the golden era of basketball. Like 1988 when MJ was rockin these all the way to a win at the Slam Dunk Contest. Classic!

Even if you aren't a Jordan fan I think this is a must have shoe for your collection. They will be available at select retailers on 1/22/11 for $150. Are you going to cop a pair?

-D. Griff

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What To Read: In Between - Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin was far ahead of his time as a fashion photographer. His vivid, imaginative, and intelligent outlook on fashion photography are just a few reasons why he is championed as the best (arguably of course). The latest work from his vault "In Between" was published by Steidldangin and edited by Shelly Verthime earlier this year.

I recently ordered this book online and eagerly await its arrival. It will surely be filled with incredible imagery and Bourdin's signature wit. So if you enjoy fashion photography and love the work of the greats, this is a must have.

-D. Griff

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pic of The Day

The right mixture of photography & art can act as the ultimate inspiration to create. Use it.

-D. Griff

Source: bySeanBrown

Friday, December 24, 2010

Weekend Jam: Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rapping

On this special holiday edition of the weekend jam we are taking it back! All the way back to 1980 and the homie Kurtis Blow. Groove to "Christmas Rapping" and sip some egg nog. Tis the season...

-D. Griff

Nike Zoom Kobe VI Grinch Edition

If you're anything like me, you will be glued to the tube all day tomorrow for some great NBA action! You would also be checking out all the players feet to see if they are rocking anything special for the holiday's. Kobe will definitely be rocking something, well, different.

Please refrain from adjusting the color on your LED's and LCD's tomorrow while watching the Lakers vs. Heat game, all is fine. Its just the Nike Zoom Kobe VI Grinch Edition shoes. Kobe will attempt to play Grinch tomorrow and rob Lebron James and the Miami Heat of a Christmas Day win against his Lakers. We'll see if the Black Mamba and his scaly snake-like shoes are enough to lift his team over the streaking Heat. Should be a good one!

-D. Griff

Update: This shoe will be available at select retailers on 12/26.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Air Jordan XI "Cool Grey" Release

So... If you need to be reminded about this release today I'm guessing you wont have a pair. One of the most popularized Jordan shoes hit retailers today for a much anticipated re-release. Since its OG debut in 2001, this shoe has been iconic amongst sneakerheads and shoe enthusiast around the world. This is easily the most hyped sneaker release of the year. And for a measly $175, you can pick up arguably the best pair of Jordans ever made. That being said, will you be cool in grey today?

-D. Griff

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Video: Big K.R.I.T. FT. Curren$y, Killa Kyleon - Moon & Stars (Remix)

A few rising stars in the south get together for a fresh remix to Big K.R.I.T.'s "Moon & Stars". New Orleans Spitta (Curren$y) and Houston's own Boss Hogg Outlaw Killa Kyleon lend their vocal talents to this laid back riders anthem. This joint takes me back to growing up on the southside of Houston, Texas. Those were the days...

-D. Griff

via: Thats What She Said

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pic of The Day

I am a huge Fan of the BKc (The Brooklyn Circus) movement. This pic of their BKc Academy Holiday Pop-Up Shop in San Francisco to put it simply is fresh to def. I look at this and see so many great fashion possibilities. How does it strike you?

-D. Griff

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend Jam: Nas - The World Is Yours (Q-Tip Remix)

Its hard to put into words just how dope this record really is. A sick Q-Tip produced remix to one of the best hip hop songs of all time (in my humble opinion), and a video to capture just how raw hip hop was back then. Nas at his best is masterful... Nuff said.

-D. Griff

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nike Sportswear - Women's Premium Print Pack

Nike Sportswear is definitely keeping it fresh for the ladies this Fall. Not only fresh but unique as well. The three shoes pictured above are all made in part with recycled magazines, shredded and reconvened to create the Flash Macro Premium, Blazer Mid Premium, and the Air Rift Premium.

Much like some of our processes at Kirin, each piece in this limited collection varies from one another. Due to the creative nature of this project the one-of-a-kind look of each shoe is very alluring. Finally ladies, a shoe made just for you! The Nike Sportswear Women's Premium Print Pack will be available at several premium retail locations in Europe, China, and choice locations in the states starting January 1st, 2011.

-D. Griff

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Balance H710 Ivy League Collection

We all know and love the timeless look of the New Balance shoe. So, its only right that they take it back with their new Ivy League Collection. The line is inspired by early 1960's fashion at prep schools such as Princeton, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, Havard, and Penn.

Each H710 shoe represents a school through its corresponding colorway and tongue tag. A few of the kicks in this collection feature the "hiker book look" that seems to be taking over right now. Needless to say New Balance is paying attention to whats currently trending. Overall, a very cool line. Extremely versatile Fall shoe. We can dig it... What do you think?

-D. Griff

Massimo Camouflage Bag

The fall season is always cluttered with fresh bags to tote around during the winter months. Here we have a dope piece from Italian fashion label Massimo. This camouflage bag features soft suede, leather components and a classic style that will work in the streets or the boardroom. Nice addition to any wardrobe. Now available at Beams.

-D. Griff

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cam Newton Wins 2010 Heisman Trophy

In one of the most controversial votes in the history of the Heisman Trophy Award, Auburn Tiger Cam Newton takes it in a landslide. Its been obvious for quite some time that Newton was indeed the best player in college football. However, the scandal surrounding Newton and his father was the only thing potentially standing between Cam joining the ultimate college football fraternity.

Fellow Heisman candidates - Andrew Luck Stanford, LaMichael James Oregon, and Kellen Moore Boise State, all had incredible seasons. All four players teams held a combined record this year of 47-2. Newton and James will see each other again on Janurary 10th, 2011 for the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game. Should be a good one. Congrats to Cam Newton!

-D. Griff

Friday, December 10, 2010

Swizz Beatz x Reebok "Grape Juice"

Last month we gave you a glimpse at the Swizz Beatz x Reebok collaboration shoe. Now, a new colorway has emerged and its kind of killin the others. Swizz dropped these gems via his twitter page yesterday as further proof that his Reebok collabo is going to be well worth the wait. Still no release date but the anticipation is building. Good marketing job by Mr. Alicia Keys and Reebok. So what do you guys think? Grape Juice anyone???

-D. Griff


Weekend Jam: Ghostface Killah - Daytona 500

On the strength of Wu Massacre and Only Built For Cuban Linx 2, the Wu is back and it seems like the 90's all over again. The Clan is on tour right now making a stop in Dallas tonight and Austin/Houston through the remainder of the weekend. Its only fitting that we pick one of our favorite Wu bangers for this edition of the weekend jam. Enjoy Ghost, Rae, and Cappadonna as they tear down "Daytona 500". Got to love this video!

For a full listing of tour dates click here.

-D. Griff

Prada "Private" Glasses

Ever wonder how timeless brands like Prada continue to stay on top throughout the years? We don't... Prada remains at the forefront of the fashion industry because they are innovative, experienced, and most importantly they never value trendiness over good style. Keeping with that tradition the Italian fashion label brings us Prada Privates. I customized eye wear experience unlike any other.

The glasses feature movable arms which allow for a personalized look and feel. You can choose from a number of colorful frames along with letters, numbers, and symbols to make your Prada Privates well, private. One can add/remove the characters by detaching the arms so if your mood changes so can your look. Get yours now at all Prada locations.

-D. Griff

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TikTok and LunaTik Multi-Touch Watches

By now you've probably seen the new iPod Nano. The Nano has an interesting history of design, and while i personally have not had much need or desire for the previous iterations, I expected the same out of the new (6th Gen) model. I simply had no need for one before, but with the advent of a multi-touch screen, a pedometer and Nike + sport kit and the rash of Nano Watch cases; I've seriously put it on my "must have" list. You guys know the tech geek /futurist I am and having a touch screen watch that has a million and one (possible) functions has been on my wish list since i can remember. There have been many attempts at cashing in on this Nano- watch idea but Scott Wilson with MINIMAL design studio has made perhaps the cleanest, most well designed case yet. And to test how desirable his vision is he submitted an application to A MicroLending/Funding site for creative projects. Wilson's concept has quickly sky rocketed to become the largest funded project on Kickstarter yet, currently at $600k and counting. Asking for a mere $15k to start his project, over 9,500 people have bought into Wilson's idea as well as secured themselves a watch (band) or two when the project launches. Everything about this inspires the hell out of me. The design is clean, the idea is so simple it makes you want to kick yourself for not thinking of it, and the idea behind KickStarter is GREAT.Now we wait for the execution and the 2nd line...
To read the entire Kickstarter page go here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nike Air Royal Mid "Your Time Will Come"

A few months ago we featured the Nike Sportswear x Harris Tweed Air Royal which generated quite a buzz. Today we bring you yet another standout this time from the Spring 2011 Air Royal collection. A solid colorway with strong boot aesthetics, this shoe features rich tan leather, a wheat upperdeck, and the slogan of the shoe tagged on the tongue. Nice kicks that are both casual and street. We like...

-D. Griff

Via: Highsnobiety

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spike Lee "Do The Right Thing" Book

Roughly 20 years removed from the films original release, legendary director Spike Lee's powerful picture "Do The Right Thing" is still controversial to this day. A new book gives fans an inside look at the influential film that brought issues of the inner city to the light. Including behind-the-scenes visuals, interviews with cast and crew, the book celebrates this incredible film and its impact on African American culture. Do the right thing and head over to Amazon to pick up a copy today.

-D. Griff

Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend Jam: Outkast - Benz or Beamer

In anticipation of the Big Boi show in Austin Saturday we have a throwback Outkast joint for you today! From 1995's New Jersey Drive Soundtrack here is "Benz or Beamer". One of our favorite ATLiens jams from back in the day.

You know its vintage Kast when 3000 is rocking the kangol with no shirt and Big Boi is in a Braves hat and a jersey. And oh yeah, ATL just invented the "Bankhead Bounce". Those were the days...

-D. Griff

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beats, Rhymes, & Fights - The History of A Tribe Called Quest

We've heard whispers about this project for a while but just recently our suspicions were confirmed!!! The A Tribe Called Quest Documentary, "Beats, Rhymes, & Fights" trailer hit the net today and let me tell you, its OFFICIAL!!! Film director and hip hop enthusiast Michael Rapaport heads the project that has hip hop heads in a frenzy. If you aren't hype after watching this, you don't love hip hop.

-D. Griff