Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pharell and Kanye's "Number One" Song

I first heard the song on allhiphop.com a couple months ago, but didnt see the video until a week or so ago, as I dont watch much tv. Despite what you may think about their ego's or music, there is no denying that Pharrell and Kanye have impeccable style. Aside from maybe Jay-Z, they are probably the two biggest trend setting icons in the hip hop/urban industry today.
Take a look at their fashion resumes...Pharrell rocks the BAPE gear, then all the indie urban kids start rockin it, then the hardcore rapper/hustlers pick up on it. Pharrell decides he wants to make his own label as well and flips it to the BBC/Ice Creams, and it begins again. Not to mention the whole skateboard P/ rap skater thing which while not nearly as big a movement as Bape, still made ground and paved the way for artists like Lupe Fiasco to move on in. Then Kanyeeze moves in as the "Luis Vuitton Don" and everyone that didnt have a Luis Vuitton hat/wallet/whatever scoops one up. Plus the resurgence of the popped-polo collar and the preepy-chic that the college dropout brought back to the street crowd. When I saw the video, I my jaw dropped simply because of how fresh these cats looked! I was like, "damn..now you know they've got money." Everything they're wearing is fitted, fresh, and sophisticated. They look like they're on a Mediterranean vacation, and from the looks of the video, they are! Even if you dont like the song, at least check out the outfits.
And dont get me started on the models...
Check it out here.
shouts out to Benjamin at the Brilliance for this one