Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Updates

We are about to undergo a MAJOR revamping up in this piece. This spring/summer 07 is going to be a whole new Kirin. Look forward to a new (finally!) site, more designs and gear, and more partys, propaganda, and good ol fashion fun! We're also going to split into two lines, the original Kirin, and another, more street friendly line whose name will be revealed shortly. As well, we we're forgoing the winter 06 collection, but due to an extremely large amount of requests for something, we're dropping 2 hoodies on ya next mon.
And YES, the garage sale for the summer 06 will take place very soon. I just have to get all the links set up right. So check back often, make sure your name's on the mailing list, and drop a line at for any questions.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Green Super Car(s)

I saw this a couple days ago. I must say I was impressed purely on design if nothing else. It's Jay Leno's
Bio-Diesel super sports car. It's got 650 horses and a turbine engine that should be in a helicopter. Just try revving your engine next to this guy at the stop light! Jay says he desinged it to show that clean cars can be fun to drive too (ahem...prius). While bio-deisel is not the greenest energy source (it still burns emissions), the big hype behind it is that it's a renewable energy source. The design inspirations came from jet aircrafts, formula 1 racers, and GM Project cars (which are IMHO the only good designs GM ever releases.) You can definately see the Cadillac inspirations behind it (ahem....sixteen). He thought up the idea with his mechanic, and the GM head of GLOBAL design. Yeah.. not regional, or national, GLOBAL. This man's got that much pull when it comes to autos. Anyway, it's a dope whip but dont slap the poster up on your wall and start penny pinchin anytime soon, this baby's a one off. The only one thats ever going to be built; and it's made just for Jay...

But if your still fiending for a sports car that'll truly let you burn rubber and not the ozone layer,
put those pennies towards this. The Tesla Roadster is the world's first super car that's completley electric. The company was started by two Silicon Valley entrepenuers who put up a bid for the idea and the Lotus designers won. So technically it's a tricked out Lotus, but the ladies'll never know! It gets 0-60 in 4 seconds, 135 miles per gallon (equivilent to a gas powered), or 250 miles per charge. It's only got 2 gears, but you dont need to even switch gears to drive. You can stay in 2nd from the jump. It also only takes 3.5 hours to reach a full charge (that alone would be incentive to take it out and just go all day).And if that isnt fun enough it's got an Ipod jack!! If you want one sign up now playa cause the first models have already been reserved, and I got a feeling the waiting list for the 2008 ones will be longer than the one for the Prius.
btw. I couldnt get Blogger to upload the darn pic so I'll try to post it later

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Christmas in Black

I found this diggin's a black Ashley Spruce tree made out of PVC with 1500 clear lights...Very untraditional. And yet kinda cool...a little mod, a little contemporary. I'd like to see a whole line of products to fit with the tree ( black, white and silver wrapping paper, tinsel, tablecovers, etc.) It would make your house look like something out of a catalog, but it might be fun for a season or two...and if the black is too dark for you, it also comes in bright red, so you can have a merry Target Christmas.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kirin On Tv!

I know it's been a while with the posts, but I've been busy getting everything ready for the Fall/Winter seasdon which is coming up very soon! To keep you busy, go check out the latest commercial for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians or HAAM. Local superstar Kevin Carroll is the star and he can be seen rocking the Kirin "La Luz De La Soul" tee!! And he looks good in it if I do say so myself. Check it out and then go to his page and tell him how good he looks.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

about time!!

My new favorite word of the year. For the past week, I have been on vacay in the sunny lakeside of the Chi. Enjoying time with family on the water, and talking with (potential) buyers in the city. I probably shoulda put this post up before I left, but I guess it's too late now,huh?
I'll be back on Sun 8/6, so until then, ALL ORDERS WILL BE POSTPONED ON SHIPPING UNTIL MON. MORNING 8/7/06. Sorry, to anyone whom this has inconvenienced. To all who have already placced orders, your shipping is already comped.
Till then, enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Robo BMWs!!

I just found this surfing the web. Being the nerd that I am, it naturally caught my attention.. Apparently BMW has developed a mechanized parking assist system that works in conjunction with the backup/parking sensors already installed on their upper model cars(specifically the 745). You need to place a reflective lens on the wall that your going to park in front of, and get out of the car. Then press a button, and it parks itself!! The geek in me was really impressed.Obviously its something thats not really needed for most at this time,but hey, thats the point of luxury goods. You get it just because you can. Now most likely one would only be able to use it at their house and places they frequent like an assigned parking space, but the fact that it'll be on the market in 3 years gives the potential for the next steps to take place. Imagine we go from this, to cars that park in regular spaces at the grocery store by reading the yellow lines (which i have already seen in development), to cars that parallel park themselves, to cars that drive short distances on their own, to cars like the ones in iROBOT!! Alright I know the last two are a loooong ways away, but a nerd can dream cant he?
Auto-parking here.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Creative Class

I found this article in the summer issue of Nylon Mens mag. It highlights some of the young people making headway in various industries (many of them multiple industries at once) without having to work a traditional 9-5. Pretty cool and inspirational for those of you hoping or attempting to one day live off of your creativity. Which leads me to this article in the summer issue of Complex, also out now. They've got a special on ''How to Blow Up''. Essentially they interviewed leaders and tastemakers in various fields under the street culture radar and asked their best advice on how to get big in their respective industries. Short answers, but you can learn a little none the less.

Unfortunately, the Nylon article isn’t online, so you’ll have to check out the mag itself, but Complex has a bit part of it up.
Either way it's worth your cash for both mags, so go pick em up!

Birds on Bikes

Okay, I found this funny ass video on youtube. One of the most random things I have ever seen. Some guys caught this 5 minute video of the Atlanta Hawks mascot riding a motorcycle around town. I think the funniest part is the context. Just the idea of a giant bird riding around on a bike like looking like a goof.I think the part that really made me laugh is when he stops to peak around the corner. Ha ha..hilarious..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pharell and Kanye's "Number One" Song

I first heard the song on a couple months ago, but didnt see the video until a week or so ago, as I dont watch much tv. Despite what you may think about their ego's or music, there is no denying that Pharrell and Kanye have impeccable style. Aside from maybe Jay-Z, they are probably the two biggest trend setting icons in the hip hop/urban industry today.
Take a look at their fashion resumes...Pharrell rocks the BAPE gear, then all the indie urban kids start rockin it, then the hardcore rapper/hustlers pick up on it. Pharrell decides he wants to make his own label as well and flips it to the BBC/Ice Creams, and it begins again. Not to mention the whole skateboard P/ rap skater thing which while not nearly as big a movement as Bape, still made ground and paved the way for artists like Lupe Fiasco to move on in. Then Kanyeeze moves in as the "Luis Vuitton Don" and everyone that didnt have a Luis Vuitton hat/wallet/whatever scoops one up. Plus the resurgence of the popped-polo collar and the preepy-chic that the college dropout brought back to the street crowd. When I saw the video, I my jaw dropped simply because of how fresh these cats looked! I was like, " you know they've got money." Everything they're wearing is fitted, fresh, and sophisticated. They look like they're on a Mediterranean vacation, and from the looks of the video, they are! Even if you dont like the song, at least check out the outfits.
And dont get me started on the models...
Check it out here.
shouts out to Benjamin at the Brilliance for this one

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Launch!

Finally, after many questions and much delay, the site is officially up! We've got everything to keep you looking funkyfreshdressedtoimpressreadytopawwty.
Go shop around. Find something nice for yourself or your man if your a lady.Or yourself if your a lady, or whatever..

-We'll have a list of stockists up shortly, and will hopefully be coming back with more upon the return from NY in July.

- We've got the mini flyers floating aound town and stickers and other proper gander on the way.
* a note about the mini-flyers.. They say "Cairo in La Luz #14 of 60", but we're actually doing 80 of those. So you still have a chance of getting one as we have about 30 left.

In the meantime, direct any questions to

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Block Party!!


You guys need to check this out. I was at Questo's myspace and read his latest blog post. Let me tell ya'll I can hardly contain myself right now. The trailor is up for Dave Chappelle's Block Party and you need to check it if you havent already. My jaw dropped and I honestly almost screamed like people do when they see MJ in the limo before one of his concerts.And this is just the trailor!! The reason I'm so excited is because the artists he has are all literally my hip hop heroes. Mos, Common, Kanye,Kweli, the Fugees,the Roots,Jill Scott, Dead Prez, Badu,!! These are all the artists that made me want to go from being a fan to participant.I drop hard earned dough to check out anything these cats are puttin out without blinking twice because I know it's quality material. Others may differ with me, but thats just how I feel. Pay attention to the kids he's playing pool with and watch their reaction when he drops that money on the table. Thats how I felt watching it. I am not even sure if it's going straight to dvd or actually going to be in the theaters. I've heard both. I was googling it and started reading reviews and reactions from people that were actually there, and I had to stop myself. I didnt want to spoil the surprise! Apparently there's a couple guest artists either performing, or just making appearences, but I had to close the page because it was like opening a Christmas present early. An advance warning to any friends that are going to catch it with me: I will be wildin out. Whether at home or at the theater, i'm going to be acting like those folks you see on public access in the black Churches that are really feeling the spirit. Yall know what I'm talking about. Anyway dont forget to bring your thongs....