Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mellon's Mellons

Hehe..I knew that title would get your attention.
Jimmy Choo (co) founder and CEO Tamara Mellon went topless for a photoshoot with notorious fashion/erotic/porn photographer Terry Richardson for one of my favorite oversized magazines, Interview. While posing women nude with random organic and non organic matter between their thighs or lips is nothing new for Terry, its new ground for the bold and couture dripping Mellon.
In all honesty, I have heard of her but have not seen too many pictures. It's a pretty interesting read, and Terry's style-though getting worn out-is still easy on the eyes.

Says the 42-year-old businesswoman, "I wonder what they'll say at the next board meeting."

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Formula 1 in Austin

Austin is known for many things. Its been deemed (arguably mind you) "the live music capitol of the world", the "greenest city in America", one of the "top three greenest cities in the US", and "least stressful large metro city". We have not however been known for being "the best place to race your ri-don-culously expensive ass $3,431,000 car". So you may be surprused to hear that Austin, TX has been picked to become the future home of Formula 1 racing (or F1) for the years 2012-2021.
Amongst the reasons cited for picking Austin are it's ideal geographic location, its beauty, transportation infrastructure (do they have the right Austin??) , and our growing popularity as one of the countries "it" cities. Everyone from the governor, to the mayor, andthe state comptroller (the one who actually signed the contract) seems to agree taht this is a good thing for Austin.
While never really being into Nascar, I always found Formula 1 to be a little more intriguing. If anything because of the exotic locales they use, the millionaire-sorry-billionaire playboys and companies participating, and the racetrack is so much more intense. If you plan on sitting in the crowd, better start boning up on those Top Gear eps so you can at least pretend to know what you're talking about if you happen to bump into Sir Richard Branson.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Candy Shop

It's been a crazy & long week at the day job, but being the the car fans/enthusiasts we like to think we are, I had to make time to go to the Austin Auto Show. Every year it comes through and it's always exciting to see the new showroom models and concepts the car companies have come out with. Of course I headed straight to the section with the most expensive cars on the floor and (like everyone else in there ) proceeded to day dream about what i looked like blasting down some windy mountain side in my $145k European import. But once reality set back in i made my way around and spotted some really cool cars. Amongst the best where the long awaited Chevy volt, the Cadillac CTS Coupe, the Corvette Stingray concept, and my personal favorite-an ALL black Audi R8. Audi had 1 of each class in all black lined up ( pretty cool to see) right next to the Maserati's.

Every company had some really great vehicles to show off but I must say that GM had the strongest showing. They have really made some progress in the past couple of years. Their designs & build quality are really stepping up to the competition. And being the "car snob" that I've been told i am, that means alot, haha.
It was like a day at the most expensive candy shop in the world. You step in wanting to walk out with everything, knowing you it's best if you leave with nothing, lol.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nike Pop-Up Shop in Tokyo

Over at Kirin Clothing Co we absolutely love pop-up shops! It's a dope way to showcase clothes & kicks outside the normal settings. Nike has done exactly that all over the globe and their lastest stop is Tokyo, Japan. The Nike Sportswear division recently launched their "Write The Future" pop-up shop which is inspired by the 2010 World Cup Championship. It sits right above SOPH and is open from May 8th thru June 11th. For those fortunate souls who will be in Tokyo in the next month or so make it a point to stop by before time runs out!
D. Griff

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sneaks Up

In my younger years I was quite the sneakerhead. Sitting in the parking lot of Sharpstown Mall in Houston at 6am was where you could find me. If a new pair of Jordans were coming out, that is. That being said, I pose a question. Ever envision a place where ALL your sneaker dreams would come true? I did... And I think I found it. Last week the Kirin Fam was in full effect at the fourth annual Sneaks Up Fest in San Antonio, Tx. The hour drive down IH-35 was well worth it to see some of the freshest kicks and coolest kids showcase their style.

The event was held at The Industry in east San Antonio. A fairly large venue that seemed small once filled with some of the illest kicks ever created. Jordans, dunks, creative recs, supra's, pumas, adidas, yeezy's, the list goes on. Sneakerheads brought out the best of their collections for show & sale. Prices were steep but almost expected when collectors are parting with their favorite shoes. I asked about a pair of Jordans (of course) that just so happened to be $1700. Yea... Needless to say I didnt leave with a pair of J's!

All the tastemakers were out and the networking was great. Designers, shop keeps, and even a few vendors packed the house. If you missed it hopefully you can make the Sneaker Pimps show in ATL. If not, don't miss Sneaks Up next year.

D. Griff