Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Aboard

Does this dude ever stop working? Hmmm... Yeah, I am going to have to say no! Fresh off of a $360k whip purchase for his son Justin's sixteenth birthday party (which likely cost more than the whip) the man we all know as Diddy continues to impress in his latest endeavor with Vogue Magazine. On the eve of his last album entitled "Last Train To Paris" US Vogue and world renown photographer Annie Leibovitz put together an amazing shoot for Diddy and supermodel Natalia Vodianova.

The shoot plays out as an old school love scene draped in high fashion. Keeping with the theme of the upcoming record, the shoot takes place in trains and train stations all across the east coast. A few guest appearances from Tyrese and Dirty Money don't necessarily make sense but a good look nonetheless.

Dark and bold colors dominate the shoot. Diddy shines in custom three piece suits with a cut that even President Obama would admire. While the beautiful Annie makes her presence felt in sequent gowns, tweed two piece suits, and a sensual 60's style most notably with her hair. Its said that the shoot depicts a man who meets a beautiful women while on a three day long train ride. They fall in love and proceed to spend the night together. According to Diddy what they do is up to your imagination. Check out the latest edition of Vogue Magazine and make your assumptions.

D. Griff

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pharell Speech at Midem 2010

Pharrell Keynote at MIDEM 2010 from thecashmerethinker on Vimeo.

World famous uber-producer/designer/businessman/trendsetter Pharrell Williams did the keynote speech at
MIDEM Music conference in Cannes, France on Saturday. He spoke with Cornerstone (co)CEO and Fader Magazine (co)founder Rob Stone. He covered topics ranging from how artists can better engage their fans, how important it is to have a GOOD supportive team behind you, and how important it is to leave your neighborhood and see the world.
I had it playing on my tv while i edited photos from our Spring/Summer 2010 shoot and let me say it is hella inspirational to hear him speak on so many topics that people in the creative industry frequently discuss. I'll probably have it playing in the background while doing my "homework" a couple more times just to reinforce some of the things he said. A good vid.

Choice Quote:
"If you have a great should go for it...dont wait until your 40,50 years old to get involved and get in the trenches. You gotta do it now"
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All Day I Dream About....

Shoes! Thought I was going to say the other thing huh? Get your mind out of the gutter. I haven't copped a pair of the Run DMC inspired kicks in a minute. However, the new Adidas Originals Highrise is going to change all that. This new hi-top screams streetwear at its finest. The bold and innovative design has the customary 3-stripes perforated on each side of the shoe and well as the tongue. These kicks are absolutely ridiculous!!!
The expected release date in this month at all Adidas locations and select retailers. I think these kicks have the unique but old school look to become a classic shoe. Jordans, Air Force Ones, The Highrise? I've made my decision. What do you think?
D. Griff