Sunday, October 17, 2010

Design: Karaka Bay House

New Zealand based architects Stevens Lawson Limited have put together an incredible new home in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded by Nicholas Stevens & Gary Lawson, Stevens Lawson is a team dedicated to producing innovative buildings and engaging landscape. The Karaka House is inspired by a collection of interlocking concrete box forms. The three level home features a timberline spiral staircase, textured smooth concrete walls, while skylights and glass give the home limitless natural lighting not to mention immaculate views. Perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking Browns Island in the Waitenmatu Harbour, you can find this beautiful urban fortress. Take a look see.

-D. Griff


  1. Is that the Ying Yang Twins I see in the distance LOL!! That pad is SICK!!

  2. Ha! All we need is a few video vixens, bottles of Moet, and all the jewelry your neck can handle! Perfect rap video crib!