Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Launch!

Finally, after many questions and much delay, the site is officially up! We've got everything to keep you looking funkyfreshdressedtoimpressreadytopawwty.
Go shop around. Find something nice for yourself or your man if your a lady.Or yourself if your a lady, or whatever..

-We'll have a list of stockists up shortly, and will hopefully be coming back with more upon the return from NY in July.

- We've got the mini flyers floating aound town and stickers and other proper gander on the way.
* a note about the mini-flyers.. They say "Cairo in La Luz #14 of 60", but we're actually doing 80 of those. So you still have a chance of getting one as we have about 30 left.

In the meantime, direct any questions to admin@kirinclothes.com

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