Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Robo BMWs!!

I just found this surfing the web. Being the nerd that I am, it naturally caught my attention.. Apparently BMW has developed a mechanized parking assist system that works in conjunction with the backup/parking sensors already installed on their upper model cars(specifically the 745). You need to place a reflective lens on the wall that your going to park in front of, and get out of the car. Then press a button, and it parks itself!! The geek in me was really impressed.Obviously its something thats not really needed for most at this time,but hey, thats the point of luxury goods. You get it just because you can. Now most likely one would only be able to use it at their house and places they frequent like an assigned parking space, but the fact that it'll be on the market in 3 years gives the potential for the next steps to take place. Imagine we go from this, to cars that park in regular spaces at the grocery store by reading the yellow lines (which i have already seen in development), to cars that parallel park themselves, to cars that drive short distances on their own, to cars like the ones in iROBOT!! Alright I know the last two are a loooong ways away, but a nerd can dream cant he?
Auto-parking here.

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