Monday, January 8, 2007

(MORE) Electric Vehicles

OK, so the Prius may be he number one selling electric/hybrid car in the US, but if other automakers want to compete, they know they have to do it where Toyota failed. By offering sexier, bigger hybrids with faster speed and more interior room. Enter GM...after getting panned for supposedly "killing the electric car" the EV-1, they decided to get off their butts and make up for it by building this concept: the VOLT. Although still labeled a concept, the Volt apparently will be the first hybrid car thats completley plug n go ( although the Tesla is completley electric w/faster speeds and longer carges), and it will be branded under the Chevy moniker. Its designed to run 40 miles on a full charge, but it does have a combustible engine im guessing so you dont get stranded out of town. Since it's still a concept GM hasn't given specs yet but it touts smaller batteries, faster charging times, more passenger room, and faster speed. Apparently production will start when the battery technology is ready which will be 2-3 years. IMHO, this could really put GM back on the map if the production model dropped and looked and operated exactly like the concept. Hell, I'd happily trade in whatever I am driving at the time for a beauty like that. Unfortunately, production models rarely look like the concepts (do they think we're not ready for future ish yet,or what?), and GM is not known for it's reliability.
And while we're on the (rare)subject of Chevy's and sexiness, if you havent seen the 08 Camaro concept thats most definately going into production, go here.

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