Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whats REALLY Good?!?

It's been a looong while since i've posted something on "Whats Good?". I've been neglectful, i know :( but forgive me. I have been staying busy though, authoring two other blogs, making music, and of courese, new designs! But I'm back, and i brought a few friends.
Since Kirin has always been about creating big things from the little things life gives you, I'm proud to announce our new line: Creation and Destruction. We will soon have a revamped website, complete with new designs, a new lookbook, and new lifestlye section.
Now on to those new friends: Darren Griffin is the new Operations Manager, who will handle the day to day business that keeps Kirin running,as well as being one of the names you may see onsigned onto the tag of the Limited Edition Prints.
And Danni Mitchell is the newest member of the promotions and marketing team whom you may see out on the streets hustling swag, or in your favorite boutique hustling wares. Their bios will be up soon.
In the meantime, they will also be contributing to the new "Whats Good?" where we continue to bring you the latest that we find in fashion, art, and culture from all over this big blue ball of freshness we inhabit. Stay tuned.

BTW if your on Twitter, get at us! @KirinClothingCo.

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