Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the Good Life

Quick-what are the top 5 things that come to mind when you think of a "perfect day"..?

You probably eat your favorite meal-served to you by gorgeous women, you find some free money,you meet (or make out with,lol) a gang of smoking hot models, you get alot of free booze, and you pick up a bunch of fly new gear, right? Now some would have a few different scenarios thrown in there but its essentially every guys dream day, am i right..? hehe

Thats basically a play by play of this past Saturday. I got to sleep in (rare for me because i work super early on the weekdays and despite my best efforts am still a night owl), met D.Griff and some co-workers at a bowling tournament, won a gift card (its not a bag full of cash but better than nothing,lol), picked up some new gear at the mall,was beasting for wings so we ate Hooters (my personal favorite-i like em crunchy not baked), and proceeded to bar hop until we found a fashion show that we decied to pop into ala wedding crashers,lol

Now a little background..we had actually heard about and planned on attending this show but got caught up in the hustle and bustle of the work week so we completley forgot about it until we walked by. The Runway to Heaven show was sponsored by Glossy magazine (the fashion pullout of the Austin American Statesman),Elite Events, and The Austonian; and was a charitable event benefitting Austin Children's Shelter and the Dell Children's Medical Center. They had a fashion show, a silent auction, an awards ceremony and all the food and drinks you could have from some of Austin's best bars, restaurants and "spirits" makers.
It was good to see and meet many of Austins creatives, tastemakers, and industry insiders all in one spot. Everyone was dressed to impress, and the conversation (much like the wine) flowed freely. We did our share of networking, and at the end of the night the Dj played all the tunes you would need to turn a runway into a club-which is just what happened.People literally stormed the runway and danced, posed for photogs, and started kissing (and in some cases licking lmao) on each other!! hahaha, Without divulging too much personal info (im sure some of the stuff that went down is illegal in at least 13 states,LOL) we partied and drank the night away with some strickingly beautiful (and very cultured) women and made some helpful industry conections. Let no one say that Austins socialites dont know how to get down...


"I always had a passion for flashing, before i had it i'd close my eyes and imagine..."

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