Thursday, September 24, 2009

Secret Sales

Made some experimental prints yesterday on Twitpic

We got a WHOOOLE lotta dope stuff coming out of the pipes for ya'll REAL SOON! Actually have an order coming in Friday, and have been "refinishing" the upcoming designs as well.

PLUS we have started a new program where we will clear out inventory that we likely wont place in the regular line by having "secret sales" on our expeimental and first print tees. These tees will be ones that we have had laying around, overstock, or ones that have random mashups containing elements from multiple tees within current or old lines.

Since these tees will not go in the regular lines, they will be "super" limited by nature because we only had a few laying around/left over to begin with. We will announce them for sale on Twitter (@KirinClothingCo) and on the blog here, and they will be a pretty good (read: cheap) price so be sure to check back often!

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