Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Looks: Pharrell Williams

Most stylish people look to a few exceptional individuals for inspiration. When one is creating a "look" inspiration is quite possibly the most important factor. One of my personal style icon's is Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes. Williams has an extremely diverse sense of style and that's probably what I respect most. Furthermore, he isn't scared to take a risk with his fashion choices.
Whether he is draped in BAPE, laced in BBC, or hanging in Paris rockin Louis Vuitton, Williams is always classic. What I am mean by that is he owns whatever it is he wears. His personal touch brings something special to the outfit that no one else can. That great sense of style enabled Williams to create his own line, Billionaire Boys Club several years ago. As of today BBC remains a staple in the streetwear industry in the US and Japan.
We all know Skateboard P for his music. He has sold well over 75 million records and it seems to be a direct correlation with his fashion sense. Make an incredibly innovative product and the world will appreciate it and its creator for being something that we have never encountered before. Pharrell Williams is not only a music & fashion icon, but a cultural icon. May his style inspire yours.
-D. Griff

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