Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the NEW "eBooks"

Part research lab, part think tank, French publishing house Les Editions Volumiques is a company that focuses on combining old media (print/books) with new technology in an effort to predict and advance the way we interact with the written word. Their projects include a book that disappears, a multi layered comic meant to be read top to bottom, a book that turns it's own pages and a really dope concept book/game called "Night of the living Dead Pixels" that interacts with your smartphone via QR Codes to trigger videos and game advancement.Their goal is to "enrich the tangible, emotional and intimate connection that paper brings with all the new dimensions of the digital world". As you know, anything that incorporates technology with something ndecidedly "non-tech" gets my attention. And when your name is as cool as "Les EditionsVolumiqes", you get my vote as well!


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